PRESS:  Selected Links
Arabic Hour 
TV interview with Dr. Elaine Hagopian
JAN 2010

KCBS  TV interview “Filmmaker Jean Marie Offenbacher Joins Phil Matier”

KALW  San Francisco Public Radio
“New American Media”
9 JUL 2010

Wisconsin Public Radio 
“Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders”
10 MAR 2010

Minnesota Public Radio KFAI "Art Matters"  (Scroll down and click on 3/4/10 show)
4 MAR 2010

Contact Radio 
“What We Need to Know”

BBC Radio 4 Interview (UK only)

Dunya wa al Hayat Newspaper
The 11th Arabitudes

Al Hayat (London) 
Ali Heweili “’Tea on the Axis of Evil’ Shown in Montreal”
12 FEB 2010

Qian Jiang Evening News (China) feature by Zhang Qing   4 JAN 2010

Bitch Magazine  aptly named  for Mandy Van Deven
MAR 2010

Washington Report on 
Middle East Affaris
“Annual Arab Film Festival Features Thought-Provoking, Groundbreaking Cinema”
JAN/FEB 2010 issue

Qianjiang Evening News Feature Story

Canada News

Al Mustakbal, Montreal Canada

The Arab American News 4 DEC 09

Forum and Link
Ihsan Alkhatib
“Dir Offenbacher’s “TEA” Demystifies Syria...”
vol. 6 issue 134 
5 NOV 09

New American Media
“How an American Woman Had Tea on the Axis of Evil” 
29 Oct 09

The Boston Phoenix
Peter Keough
“Global Voices”
9 OCT 09

Pacific Sun 
Newspaper Interview

Sonoma Valley Sun Newspaper Interview

Educational Media Reviews
Malcolm L. Rigsby
29 SEP 09

Day Press News 
23 APR 10

All 4 Syria
Ayman Abdel Nour
29 SEP 09

Syria Comment
Professor Joshua Landis

Color Daily Middle East
September 1, 2009

Commonwealth Club Public Forum 15/7/09

Global Voices note on “Our First Film: TEA” 7/7/09;Culture&article=2681;Culture&article=2681


Selected Past

Columbia University

New York NY

International Affairs Building

room 1501

6 PM   24 FEB 2011

University of Arizona

Tucson, AZ

28 FEB 2011

4 to 6 PM

(excerpts and discussion

also on the 25th)

MESA Film Festival

San Diego

19 NOV 2010

Loyola University

1 NOV 2010

Murray State University

3 NOV 2010

Northwestern University

4 NOV 2010

Festival du Monde Arabe de Montréal

4 NOV 2010

De Paul University

5 NOV 2010

Northeastern University

8 NOV 2010

Jean Marie Offenbacher

Harvard University

9 NOV 2010

University of San Francisco

17 NOV 2010

University of Utah

17 NOV 2010

Tea on the Axis of Evil

Bridgewater State University

1 DEC 2010

Shawnee State University

Portsmouth, OH

25 & 26 JAN 2011

University of Cincinnati

24 FEB 2011

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This documentary is much needed. It shows the human side of Syria – the playfulness, warmth , and wonderful humor of everyday Syrians. What fun.”

Professor Joshua Landis

Director, Center for Middle East Studies, University of Oklahoma